Gordon Herridge

Corporate Director, MCAN Mortgage Corporation; Chair of Audit Committee; Member of Conduct Review, Corporate Governance and Human Resources Committee

Director since May 2018

Gordon Herridge was Senior Vice President, Corporate Services at MCAP Commercial LP when he retired in July, 2017. In that role, Mr. Herridge served on the Executive Committee of MCAP, focusing primarily on Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance and Risk Management matters. Prior to that role, Mr. Herridge held the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MCAP Leasing and Chief Financial Officer of MCAP Service Corporation. Prior to his career at MCAP, Mr. Herridge worked with private commercial real estate development and management companies as well as in public accounting.

Mr. Herridge obtained his designation as CPA, CA in 1980 and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of Waterloo.

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